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Metallic Dusty Rose

Poetry Book

This colorful collection of original poetry entices readers to embark on a rhythmic journey through life's triumphs and travails. In her stylistically unique offering, author Natalie K. Hodge passionately delivers universal tales of personal evolution, loss, heartache and love. Though the topics are familiar, Natalie's distinct poetic voice inspires readers to examine these sometimes-emotional moments with new perspective.

The Biggest But in the World

Humorous Self Help Book

The Biggest BUT in the World is a hilariously insightful self-help book designed to assist readers in their journey to ditch excuses and pursue excellence. Author Natalie K. Hodge not only shares tips and strategies she has acquired working with thousands of college students and professionals over the years, but also candidly discusses her own BUTS. She asserts that the number one reason people don’t achieve the success they desire is because of the excuses they hide behind.

The strategically written personal development masterpiece uses plain yet colorful language, periodic micro-assessments and tons of real life examples to reach wide audiences of all backgrounds. Natalie even made a conscious decision to limit the page count in an effort to maximize accessibility in a world where blog-style writing rules. The structure supports the highly original content she shares chapter after chapter. Readers will laugh, cry, become frustrated, but absolutely grow as a result of this read.


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