Do What Makes You Scared 😧

Knock out your fears.

This weekend Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. hopped in the ring to slug it out for eight rounds in a historic Pay Per View match that broke viewership records! The two boxing titans, both in their fifties, are synonymous with greatness in the sport. I was excited to see the two fighters reconnect with their passion after years of retirement.

Following much fanfare and me staying up way past my bedtime to see the bout, the match ultimately ended in a draw. Of course, everyone in the social media universe had an opinion about who won and whether or not the match was worthy of all the chatter.

For me, the most important moment happened outside the ring.

Mike Tyson spoke candidly about his expectations for the experience. As he shared his insights, he talked about his personal credo, which I hope many will adopt as a result of this fun moment in boxing history.

Tyson shared that he does what makes him scared!

I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement upon hearing the message.

I’ve been coaching people on tackling fears for many years and Tyson in one swift maneuver gave me a knockout message. He went on to elaborate, but the core insight remained the same – if something scares you, DO IT!

Start the business. Move across the country. Write the book. Take the scuba diving lessons!

Whatever idea that’s popped into your mind that gives you butterflies, make it a part of your life plan.

But don’t just plan to do it, actually DO IT.

The most exciting and important adventures can live and die on an inactive bucket list. The act of writing it down does not guarantee it will be completed, it just guarantees it will be recorded.

If you are ready to act on Tyson’s tip and do something that scares you, here are some ways to get started:

  1. Create your Adventure List. The list is a living breathing document that changes over time and includes activities and experiences you want to do in life. You can use Tyson’s approach and add things that scare you to your to-do list of less challenge-oriented goals. Lots of people call this a bucket list, but I like the term Adventure List because it shifts the focus away from death. I want to associate my list with the things I want to do in life and not the things I want to do before I die. It seems like a subtle difference, but it’s an important one.

  2. Start. Pick one item that you are going to do now. Don’t wait until the new month or the new year to begin. Find a way to begin – no matter how scary or big the project might be, it’s imperative that you get going. I’ve mentioned on many occasions that procrastination is a manifestation of fear. It will use logic as a tool to thwart progress and logic always says that this is not the time to do something out of the norm. Fight the urge to shut a scary idea down.

  3. Repeat! Mike Tyson spoke about what’s next. He plans to do more things that scare him. I’m following suit. This is not to say we shouldn’t celebrate the moment when accomplishing something great, but let’s not get stuck there. We have an infinite number of opportunities to do more and be more every day. As soon as you’re done with one, return to your list and get cracking on the next big adventure.

Need another nudge getting started on your list?

Order a copy of The Biggest BUT in the World. This humorous self-help book will give you the push you need to beat fear and find fulfillment.

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