Find Work Joy

Updated: Mar 7

I have a confession.

At times, I have been rightfully accused of being a workaholic. Currently, I have a full-time traditional job and I run my own business full-time. To be clear, most weeks I work at least 40 hours on each. When in the more intense stages of preproduction or production on a film/tv project, the hours are much higher.

With that said, one might ask when I have time for fun. Honestly, it can be challenging, but as I have noted on many occasions during speaking engagements and on weekly posts, I absolutely love what I do.

My work is fun, so I don’t get tied up in a knot when suddenly I look up and the moon is at its peak. At other times, I find ways to incorporate balance in my day. I often take walks on the treadmill or the trail and sneak in a few update calls. The point is always to take care of me while I’m taking care of business.

In coaching sessions with other busy professionals who are trying to maintain balance, I like to have individuals guide me through their schedules so we can find openings for fun, relaxation, and reflection. While some cases are certainly more difficult than others, after we spend a little time digging in, it’s inevitable that we discover opportunities to mix business and pleasure.

Need some help injecting fun and balance into your busy workday? Here are a few quick tips to help you do it all in a day.

  1. Make a work playlist. If you have the opportunity to listen to good music at work, put together some inspirational playlists to help you jam through jams. Be cautious about what’s in your rotation. Remember everything is not perfect everywhere.

  2. Use your breaks. Sometimes it feels necessary to power through lunch to get a few extra assignments done. However, if you opt to skip lunch, give yourself some smaller breaks strategically positioned throughout the day to regroup and reboot.

  3. Enjoy your co-workers. Studies have shown that many of us spend more time with co-workers than with family members. This means that having positive relationships with your team is essential to creating a good dynamic while you’re away from home. Do proceed with caution – be sure to keep co-worker fun above board.

  4. Step it up. Make tracks during your downtime. If you have the opportunity to get some fresh air while you walk, that’s ideal. If that’s not an option, take a few laps around your workspace. At the very least, get a few jumping jacks in. They don’t require any space at all to complete.

  5. Find the joy. Identify the elements of your work that bring you joy. Once you’ve made your list, find ways to do more of that thing throughout the day. Note when new activities appear that you appreciate. For some of you, it might just be the paycheck. (Trust me, I’ve been there.) If that’s the case, take a picture of your check and make it the screensaver on your devices and quietly begin job searching.

Should you require more customized support falling in love with your work or identifying new work that you’d love, check out my new book “From Unemployed to Unstoppable: A 30-day transformation guide” at your local independent book retailer or at

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