Half Empty or Half Full?

For many years, we have talked about person’s perspective in connection with whether or not she sees a glass half full or half empty.  Until recently, I would have asserted that I was a “glass half full” person.

Typically, the “glass half full” people are seen as optimists and I am wholeheartedly that.  However, as I contemplated the great debate this year, I came to the conclusion that I fall into a new category of people who is simply thankful for the glass.

As the discussion has raged on about who’s who in regard to the glass, we dismissed the gift of having a glass.  All of the energy has been focused on how much is currently in the glass.  

Quite frankly, if you have a glass, you always have the opportunity to fill it.  The value is in our ability to use the glass as much as possible for the liquid of our choice.  Wine, please!

Being thankful for the glass allows us to remember that there are fundamental tools and resources that we often overlook when focusing on a singular element of our experience.  Expanding gratitude to new territory offers a chance to see our wonderful world with new ideas.

What are the “glasses” in your life?  What are the things you overlook because your focus is on the level of your success, abundance, beauty, energy…?  Have you missed being grateful for your strong foundation because you’re not pleased with your progress?  Of course, when your foundation is strong, you can build anything you like on it.  

Celebrate that realization.  

Sometimes, a “glass” is a person in our lives.  Indeed, we are provided with people who have the ability to secure opportunities for us.  They provide a safe space for our dreams and visions.  It’s easy to miss them or forget them when we are zeroed in on a result.  Who are the individuals that made an experience possible for us to place our fingertips on our goals?  We must celebrate them – even if the goal is yet to be attained.

As we recognize the “glass” and its power to bring all things together, the universe operates like a fountain and pours in new and exciting experiences.  Honor the glass and know that in short order, life will delivery something spectacular to fill it!

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