Hustle Nuggets 101

For the past few weeks, we’ve been filming a new web reality series pilot for a show called, “Hometown Hustle.” (If you’ve been reading the blog, this is not breaking news.) The show is about entrepreneurship in my hometown, Martinsville, VA – but generally speaking about how small business owners navigate in a small town vs. what we typically see portrayed in larger urban areas.

The experience has been amazing. Of course, because I live in this small town and am very active in the business community, I was at least familiar with most of the businesses and a few have been co-collaborators in past ventures. Working on “Hometown Hustle” with them has provided me with some insight beyond what I already knew. I’m excited for people to gain a new level of understanding and appreciation for local business owners.

Here are a few nuggets I’ve gotten so far. (Don’t worry, I’ll limit my spoilers!)

1. Different strokes for different folks. The business owners on the show are from diverse backgrounds and have different family dynamics, education levels and life experiences. Everyone has a completely unique approach to business and that is a part of their secret to success. While there are some fundamental business rules that should be followed, it’s important that entrepreneurs see their differences as strengths and use them to their advantage rather than try to mimic someone else’s style.

2. Operate with confidence. There is no way to be successful in business if you do not believe in yourself and your ability to captain the ship. Confidence is key even when you are in the learning phase. Let’s be honest, no matter how long you’ve been in business, you will always be in the learning phase. There will always be new technology and market developments, but through it all, believe in your ability to know, grow and pivot.

3. Don’t hate – collaborate. Every business owner in this season of “Hometown Hustle” spoke on some level about the importance of collaboration. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships with other individuals and entities can be lifeblood for a small business. Even if a business offers similar goods and services, refer to the previous insight and operate with confidence. Understand that you can thrive alongside others. The universe is abundant with resources and customers.

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