If This Is For You...

Every week I sit down at the keyboard and have an internal debate.

What can I share with people that is helpful and not hindering?

Even though I love pouring into others, I still struggle with giving advice. I know from personal experience that every person has a unique journey and no matter how amazing an advisor’s nuggets, there’s always the chance it may not be applicable or beneficial.

So, I curl up in bed with the laptop screen staring at me in my pajamas – hoping I have something to share that can move a reader forward.

Tonight, I thought more about advice people have given me over the years than I did about advice I’ve given. All in all, I’ve probably only absorbed and applied 25% of the words of wisdom shared by others.

In further pondering why so much of what was shared in good faith never took hold in my spirit, I discovered that it was because I didn’t feel it was applicable. The information I latched onto firmed up a vision I already had for what I wanted to do OR it allowed me to refine the vision.

With that in mind, I understand that even as I give you the best of what I have to offer by way of advice, only a small percentage of readers will receive it and take action on the message. That’s just fine. This is for written specifically for those who need this note right now to move forward with something spectacular.

So here’s the message:

Don’t look to the left or the right. Keep your eyes focused ahead on what is most important to reach the goal. Today is not only the most important day of your process; it’s the only day. You only have this time to do what is required to take a next step. Don’t waste one second contemplating what your neighbor is up to. This journey is about you.

You have to make the choice right now to invest your time in voyeurism – watching others present their stories on social media OR build the foundation for your spectacular story. In this moment, you can decide to be wrapped up in old mistakes, missteps and miscommunication OR create a new way of doing and being.

You are now at the beginning and it is up to you to receive the gift of it OR leave it buried in a pile of excuses and “issues.”

I’m not quite sure who needed this gentle, loving, yet swift kick in the pants to get going, but please know my entire heart is open to you. All that is in me is pouring out onto this page, as I, on many occasions have needed someone to say it to me. And in the moments when I have been ready to receive it, it has meant the whole world to hear it.

If this is for you – press on! You are indeed, on the path.