If You Are Consistent - Results Will Come

Now more than ever, people want big results fast. Instant success, however, comes at a price, if it even comes at all. I have been fortunate in life to manifest desires quickly and over the course of time. I definitely appreciate the moments in my life when visions transformed into physical realities overnight, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to value slow unfolding. The reward is like when you open a box of Cracker Jacks, but instead of digging in to immediately find the prize, you enjoy the snack piece by piece until that awesome spider ring peeks out from the kernels. Oooh wee – the joy of having the gifts of life in hand after appreciating the slow and consistent steps toward them is magical.

For me, consistency is more important than hard work when achieving long lasting results. While I have been known to push myself to the max when jump starting an initiative, I realize that making the commitment to being consistent is more effective than working myself silly for a short period of time. Of course, the natural order of the universe demonstrates this. Gardeners know the drill – tend to the earth, plant a seed, water it and continue tending. There is no expectation that the seed will be produce beautiful ripe tomatoes the next morning. It’s a wonderful process that will eventually yield results.

Likewise, when you set out to transform your life, enter the endeavor with a mindset of enjoying the journey rather than making it happen in one short day. Celebrate victories when they do come quickly, but certainly don’t lament the moments when results are unseen. If you are consistent, I promise there will be eventual outcomes.

Here’s another example for those of you who might not have connected with the gardening analogy. What do you think will yield more positive results – working out 24 hours for one day or 24 days for one hour? It seems crazy to think about it in those terms, but the reality is, we can easily get in that mode. We go hard one day or one week in the gym and when we fall prey to injury or fatigue, we abandon the mission.

Create space in your life for long term success and deep appreciation for every moment in every day. Enjoy the times when it appears no movement is happening at all. Remember, when you are gardening, you don’t see every single element of growth in your plant. More times than not, you only take note when there is a significant change. Likewise, you won’t see every inch that disappears from your waist after consistent gym time. One day you’ll put on a pair of pants and you’ll note there’s ample room in them. On days when there is no visible movement toward your goal, keep with your process. Results can and will come.

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