Lessons, Blessings and Gut Talk

Last week I had a great conversation with a young entrepreneur who is really coming into her own. We’ve had numerous discussions during our coaching sessions about the direction of her businesses. Yes, she has multiple ones! The struggle for her much of the time is figuring out how to balance it all. Some days, she finds herself almost paralyzed by her task list.

It can be extremely challenging to bounce from one idea to another, one project to another and definitely one business to another. It’s like driving ten different cars in a day and you have to hop out of one car and immediately hop into another and start driving in the opposite direction. All the cars are different sizes and require you to adjust the seat and mirrors and figure out the settings all while darting off to a new destination. Chaotic? Absolutely.


In our recent conversation, she mentioned that she started a process that she thought could be a new business venture, but quickly realized that it required too much of a time commitment for the potential return. She was thankful for the realization and quickly redirected her energy to her core business activities. I was proud of her for knowing early on that she needed to pivot.

How do you know when it’s time to pivot? Your gut will tell you! Being able to accurately interpret what your gut is telling you is the trick. Most often, we are directed by the external. We may feel a need to people please or jump into an activity because we see others engaged. Understand that desire to appease others and trend hopping will never be something your gut instructs you to do. While you may discover a business idea as a result of a recommendation or as a part of some trend research, your gut will only direct you to the endeavor that is truly yours and will also direct you out of ones that are truly NOT yours.

You have to really be in tune with yourself to plug into the necessary gut translation powers. These are not superpowers – we all have the ability to know the right next step on the deepest level. The challenge is getting past the noise of life to tap in. I already mentioned people pleasing and being swept up in the whims of societal and cultural trends, but fear can be a huge noise maker. In all actuality, fear is life’s biggest noise maker. Everyone, not just entrepreneurs can be totally shut down by the fear of starting and the fear of stopping. On the one hand, you think, “I won’t do this because I might fail.” On the other hand, you think, “I can’t stop doing this because people will think that I’ve failed.” If you can just step away to sit in a place of calm for a bit, your ears can attune themselves to what your gut is saying, and you can march forward with a plan that’s right for you.

Next question, what if you feel in your gut that you should start something and that endeavor doesn’t work out? Does that mean your gut was wrong initially? Oddly, no. There’s a saying I have heard often recently that goes “in life, it’s either a lesson or a blessing.” The basic premise is we learn from situations that might been otherwise categorized as failures or missteps. While I appreciate the sentiment, I would argue that lessons are blessings. I have countless stories where one project didn’t work out and as a result something bigger and better did.

Regardless of how sucky it might feel to start something and find out once you’re knee deep in that it’s a “lesson” and not the blessing you imagined, the time invested certainly is of benefit. Nothing is lost in this universe.

Here’s to an amazing week of lessons and blessings or better said – just blessings!

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