Make Room For It! The Art of Purging.

Still waiting on your 2021 blessing? It may not have appeared because it doesn’t have space!

Often, we wonder why the thing we feel we so desperately need hasn’t shown up in our lives and many times it’s because there is no room for it.

Take time this week to create space for the new while honoring the lessons and blessings of the old.

This morning, I took time to clear out a significant portion of my closet. I trimmed down about a quarter of my wardrobe. There were some items I’d had for many years. I remembered the miles I’d walked in shoes. I donated dresses that I’d worn to weddings, graduations, parties and funerals. There were souvenir t-shirts from trips and pants that no longer fit. These items were mixed in with clothes I purchased more recently, that just didn’t look great on me once I put them on.

All of it found its way into a couple of bags and an old suitcase that would be perfect for someone not interested in paying full price for a brand new one. Whether new or old, the donations represented that which was no longer beneficial to me. I released it and in doing so, made room for new attire that will be perfect for the woman I am now.

What do you need to make room for in your life? Is it a new relationship? Perhaps you are holding on to memories of the one who got away or baggage from the one who never should have been. Clearing out your space is not just a physical activity – it can be an emotional, mental and spiritual activity as well. You would be surprised how much emotional clutter you might be managing on a daily basis.

Take inventory of what you feel is missing and really consider if you have created an opening for it to be present in your journey. Don’t think that just because you get rid of something that you are automatically ready for a “replacement” to appear. Rushing to fill space will most likely cause you to collect new things you don’t need. Focus this time on releasing and repairing. Allow for a new and beautiful opportunity to come to you organically. I promise it will be perfect.

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