No Resolutions Necessary | A New Outlook on Planning for the New Year.

For years, my hunt for success felt like a game of cat and mouse.

I’d chase and inevitably “success” would scurry off into some dark hole.

I was Tom.

Success was Jerry.

And the antics I utilized to capture him were comedic, questionable, intricate, and at times dangerous.

I justified these actions for the sake of the game. So often I heard people talk about the dues that needed to be paid in order to achieve success in the entertainment industry and I had my checkbook out to pay them. I was a willing participant and allowed myself to get lost in the moment of so many ventures completely outside the scope of who I was and who I hoped to become.

I never really got to where I thought I’d be and I’m thankful for it.

Life provided me with something greater – less toxic and less taxing. I found myself inside the maze of sure-fire schemes and quick money opportunities. I discovered peace, resolve, and love. Had the deals or money come when I prayed hardest for it, it would have likely killed me – either physically or spiritually. Instead, the heartbreak of not getting that thing I so desperately desired gave me life, purpose, and vision.

Church folks have a saying I love and repeat often – God works in mysterious ways.

Though I say it, I don’t really think it’s true. I believe the mystery is the one that we create. God moves you into places where you need to be at the precise moments we need to be there. We most likely are looking for something else, someone else, or somewhere else then are surprised when a gift that was intended for us all along drops from the sky. “Eureka, look at this unexpected thing,” we say.

All the while, God smirks – “Duh!”

As we approach the end of yet another calendar year, most of us are looking back reflecting on what we wished happened or planning for what we hope to happen soon. Every year, this has been me. I’ve been in the thick of resolutions and planning – excited to change my life, size, income, outcomes, etc. All the changes directed toward success and the imaginary place I believed it resided. However, this year, I am out of the hunt.

No more sleepless nights plotting on how big I need to construct my net to capture success. I know now that the chase is unnecessary and more times than not, unhealthy.

What will 2021 be for me as a result? Abundant, relaxing, fun, and adventurous. No resolutions necessary.

My new focus allows for all good things to appear in my experience at the perfect time.

For someone who talks a lot about success and helping people become successful, this probably feels like a significant departure, but honestly, I know with 100% certainty that I don’t need to invest any additional time in becoming successful.

Success is always present when we direct our attention and actions toward happiness, joy, and love. When we fully immerse ourselves in that which we love most, success finds us. Duh!

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