Procrastinators are not lazy, just scared!

Procrastinators have gotten a bad rap over the years as being lazy.

While there are certainly some procrastinators who lack the motivation to move beyond their sofas, most have a paralyzing fear of failure.

You can easily tell the difference between those who could care less and those who are stuck in their own way.

People who are on the path to greatness, but who seem to be in the quicksand of a never-ending process will have demonstrated tremendous zeal at the start of an endeavor. These folks will have jetted out of the starting gate like veritable track stars. They quickly race toward the end of project completion….

then suddenly everything comes to a halt.

Curious and concerned onlookers will inquire about how it’s all going and get a range of excuses – some well scripted and some cockamamie.

The reality is that when go-getters near the end of a journey, they know the next step will be to produce outcomes. When a project is not complete, there is no expectation of outcomes, which means there is no possibility of failure.

Although incompletion doesn’t feel great, it feels better than reaching the endpoint of a project only to discover the whole thing has been a complete waste of time.

Sharing that the work is still in progress, protects an individual from the pain of presenting less than amazing results.

How do I know this to be true?

I live it.

Most often the point in which I leave a project dangling is once I am over 85% done. The hard work has already been invested. It’s long beyond the blood, sweat, and tears moments and just before the launch.

Yes, the pre-launch is where procrastination takes hold and wrestles me down.

It presents all manner of life drama, awesome Netflix series, and busy work to distract me from taking final steps. The gnawing feeling in my gut is dreadfully uncomfortable. It comes after consecutive hours of irrational thoughts about how the world may not receive my precious offering in the way I intended.

It is so strong that I am easily inspired to give up on the whole thing. Sound like you? Well, no worries.

You are in the company of many.

But, the way to beat the odds and the fear of failure is actually quite simple.

Release yourself from the pressure of impressing others with your outcomes and become more invested in following through for yourself.

Awesome ideas and projects when a person has a “light bulb over the head” moment, it’s generated by a passion that can only be found deep in one’s core.

That power is severely reduced over time as you invite more and more people into the project vision. Their opinions, whether spoken or unspoken, begin to drain the energy out of what was a dynamic opportunity.

When this happens, the thing that lit you up about the endeavor dims as fear of failing publicly increases.

Do yourself and your incredible idea a favor – commit to finishing AND doing so on your terms. Reconnect with what inspired you in the first place. Once you are there, latch onto the joy of the work, while releasing the need for your project to be impressive to others.

Bye Procrastination! Hello Completion!

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