Something Brewing

This weekend, a new coffee shop opened across the street from my apartment. The owners of “The Ground Floor,” moved to our community from Houston, Texas and demonstrated incredible vision as they transformed a space that had many years ago been a woman’s dress shop. Josh and Morgan utilized local contractors and custom woodworkers to create a really special space to enjoy a wide variety of high-end coffees and teas. They also included some unique gifts and snacks in several retail spaces sprinkled throughout the main level of the shop.

The grand opening was impressive and featured live music courtesy of an awesome guitarist/vocalist, Jake Earles. Tons of community members, local leaders and coffee enthusiasts came out to celebrate the opening of the new space. Out of all the visitors I saw heading in and out of the doors Saturday, I was most excited by one – the owner of the coffee shop less than a mile away.

Danny Heiss has been the owner of “Daily Grind” for a decade and rather than rebuffing the opening of a competing shop, he celebrated its launch with the rest of the community. He even sported at Ground Floor custom t-shirt as he lounged in a cozy nook on the second floor. Danny also posted a message of support for “The Ground Floor” on social media.

The whole affair made my heart sing. A community needs new and seasoned businesses working together collectively, supporting each other’s spaces and creating an atmosphere of goodwill. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment of “either/or” instead of latching on to “both/and.” Choosing one doesn’t mean the other cannot thrive.

Beyond the excitement over having two great shops to enjoy, Saturday’s festivities felt like the start of a new era in Martinsville. For so long, it’s felt like we’ve been trapped in the past – held back by a narrative that doesn’t serve any of us well. I look forward to us telling new stories around the development that’s happening in our sweet little town. And nothing goes better with great conversation about progress than a piping hot cup of coffee.


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