Use What You Have! How to Take Advantage of the Resources You Have Available.

Have you ever spoken to a person or even been the person to say, “when I get this, I will be able to do that”? “This” might be money, a promotion or a new location.

Regardless of what “this” is, you allow it to hold the key to accessing your next level of success. I certainly was the person who believed everything had to line up perfectly for my vision to manifest.

In 2013, I boxed up my life and moved from New York to California to pursue my dream as a screenwriter. For years, people in the NYC film and television industry told me that in order to really make it big in the field, you had to spend some time in Los Angeles – networking with the big dogs.

I believed them and was so invested in finding success as a writer, that I left a great paying job, took a demotion with a new organization AND sold furniture that was less than a year old....I think the furniture sale stung the most.

I arrived in Los Angeles primed to break into the business and while my time there was priceless, three years later when I returned to the East Coast, I did not have an agent, a deal or a blockbuster on the big screen.

After toggling between NYC and my hometown, Martinsville, Virginia for a bit, I finally settled back into small town southern living. I found work that I enjoyed and community activities that fulfilled me – still something was missing.

I needed to be back in the creative zone. But how? I wasn’t in a film production community and I didn’t have the time or ability to travel to such a place.

Eventually, I made up my mind to use what I had. I wrote a short film entitled “Sell,” which had a small cast and was set in locations easily accessible. I called on friends and family to support. People who never acted before nervously stepped in front of the camera excited to be a part of the adventure. A local tv station owner believed in the project and donated his equipment, time and staff to help get the production off the ground.

Every aspect of “Sell” was either donated by community members or paid for by a small team of producers. It was a complete labor of love.

I still get a lump in my throat thinking of how much we all sacrificed to make the project happen. The process taught me a lot about myself and about my home community. The biggest lesson was that it didn’t matter where I was, once I fully committed to creating. I must say that the joy I felt during the shoot was unparalleled. As we prepared to screen the film at a local movie theater Thanksgiving Weekend 2019, I was reminded of one of my favorite Nelson Mandela quotes – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Are you dreaming of a big life transition and waiting for something to change about your circumstance before you proceed? Let me encourage you to move forward with your vision regardless of where you are or what you feel you lack.

Things will likely not look exactly as you imagined, but take the necessary steps to make it happen, nonetheless. Your results might pleasantly surprise you. I guarantee standing still will yield you no progress in your journey – so go ahead and use what you have!

Check out “Sell” at! Ironically, it’s the story of a man who has to use what he has when he returns home from prison and is unable to find traditional work.

Keep following the blog and sharing the good news about living “but” free. ✨

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