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Natalie's Multimedia Company

Rudy's Girl is a multimedia company based out of Martinsville, Virginia with projects in development all over the country. Creative offerings include but are not limited to literary works, film and television screenplays, project treatments and web based articles and videos.  Additionally, clients can book small and large group motivational workshops and a variety of positively directed trainings facilitated by Rudy's Girl owner and CEO, Natalie K. Hodge.


The company was born out of Natalie's appreciation for and commitment to telling interesting stories utilizing all forms of media.  Her love of storytelling began at an early age, growing up with two parents (Rufus and Judy) who inspired her to be an imaginative and creative person.  As such, the name "Rudy's Girl," came into being as a way to honor their influence on Natalie's life.  

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Martinsville, VA 24112, USA

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